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Always Will Be - Page 28 [Ch. 2] by Urnam-BOT Always Will Be - Page 28 [Ch. 2] by Urnam-BOT
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EDIT: Blikkims have only three fingers but they are simply POINTING with them. :'D I'm not- yeah...

:iconwightplz: |D

Whoa, almost 30 pages into the comic! I've been working on this story for what, 2-3 months by now? I'm not sure.

SO! New techinique. Someone suggested blurring backgrounds to lead the focus more on the subject in one of the critiques of my last painting. I'm glad to say it seems to work perfectly! I think I will use blurring a lot more often in my drawings from now on.

Aaannnddd if you haven't picked it up already, Nick is still a 'kid' by now. He's young, and has the voice of a ten year old, probably.

Alright, new character. :XD: her name is Uli, and no, I don't know how she got her urban accent when she's on another planet entirely. XD Also, her coloring seems to have blended to an impossible yellow color. Blikkims are not yellow, and cannot be the color yellow. She is actually orange, with orange eyes to match. And yes, she looks like Applejack. That was unintentional but while drawing her I noticed she looked a lot like Applejack. :XD:

And what Uli is saying is correct. If you attempt to overthrow your leader you are most likely put to death. If you say anything against your leader [like Nick did], you are most likely pummeled or injured, but not killed. That's a bit extreme, even for Blikkims. You know kids. They always like to 'exaggerate'.

Another thing! Uli was originally going to be a guy. For months. Until I finally got to this scene, I changed it at the very last moment when I decided to begin this very page. *w* The funny thing is, Aak was the same way. I made her a male until I drew her for the very first time and made the change. I just needed a bit more contrast between the two dictators.

WHOA long description.

My hands should be bleeding but I draw for hours on end without getting hand-numbing cramps since I do it so often, so my hands are bleeding free! Yay. :dummy:


Art/Blikkims/Characters (c) *Xurnam
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February 25, 2013
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