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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 7:12 PM
Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOT
Animated Star Divider - Intersteller Drive by Urnam-BOT

I decided to try this out.

So, I joined deviantART over four years ago. That made me 13 years old.
There isn't too much I want to say and explaining what I'm thinking snappily isn't my forte. Plus, I seem to be a million times less sentimental than the average Joe soooooo...

Here's the first drawing I ever posted here:

Candice by Urnam-BOT

Even though it's total poop, it was also one of my first experiments with digital art. But it was great. I mean, thigh wings.

I actually joined because I was obsessed with dragons at a young age and then discovered the Legend of Spyro series. I liked it because it was darker than previous Spyro titles and it was entertaining watching yourself control a protagonist that's... a dragon.

But, thankfully, I improved. I think the first time I was given critique here it was actually kind of harsh unless I'm not remembering it properly. In short, I didn't take it too well the first time but I always felt guilty about that one time, even soon after I reacted that way. All in all, I've never outright rejected any form of critique since.

I also planned this awful comic.

TLoS TDA Poster by Urnam-BOT

Not sure what that title means but that greenie over there seems to be trying to decide that as well.

After my dragon phase was over I got into, you guessed it...


Complete with hair gel and desu eyes.

So, all my cats had this "hair dryer" syndrome for a while, especially in this beauty:

...But of course, on a diet of dead mice you'd look like that, too.

Eventually I improved my ability to draw cats, but sooner or later I had the idea that I really should begin to draw other humans. I had the impression that humans are boooooo-ring to draw.

Exile Vilify by Urnam-BOT

I'm not even going to bother inserting commentary.

Toothless the Night Fury by Urnam-BOT

Turning back the knob on the time machine, here, back in 2010 I was still in my dragon phase. I had completely forgotten I had actually submitted very many paintings at this stage. Anyway, going back to the future...

I improved my cat drawings. This is time my popularity increased dramatically, and it was this because of this one thing...

Most of ya'll recognize him, yes?

I was obsessed with him in 8th grade and his initial design never changed for me. I imagined him a creamy/yellow cat and he stayed that way. I liked his story at the time because I was bullied in middle school and was never really taken seriously by other people. I think this is what caused me to turn over to the internet in the first place. I enjoyed the recognition my artwork got and was treated kindly.

I think I was working on Dimstar's Past when I met BUKOWSKl in English class. It was REALLY weird that, in casual conversation, the animation community on YouTube was brought up and I told her about my internet life and my username. It turns out she actually knew who I was online, maybe not subscribed to me, but she actually knew who I was. I remember thinking about how that would probably never happen again.

Thankfully, I got better at storytelling and art! My next project was LIGHT which was lacking in story but it had better drawings and animations.

.:Lucian:. by Urnam-BOT

I think right before Dimstar's Past and all throughout LIGHT my love for sci-fi grew and shone. At some point and time, I played Portal and it made me realize how amazing the sci-fi genre was. My favorite subjects in school were always science and art... and when middle school rolled around, science was my favorite class to be in. I loved learning new things about the universe and the world we live in and I always wanted to keep learning more and more. In elementary school, I always thought and viewed science as a right-brained thing and history as a left-brained subject simply because I spent more time memorizing facts in history class then in science. With science, I could guess how the world worked and then see if I was right. My love for both science and art seems to show especially now. I'm trying to incorporate more hard science into my storytelling, because as some of you know with Wasted Away I cut a few corners. In fact... I had not even taken a single chemistry class beforehand and embarrassed myself when I became more educated!

That was long, so let's move on.

After LIGHT, I attempted a new way of storytelling.

Always Will Be - Page 41 [Ch. 2] by Urnam-BOT

This comic was based on a GIANT role-play I had with a few friends in :iconspace-garden:. By and large, it was... um... never mind.

Wasted Away - Page 142 by Urnam-BOT

Aaaaaaand here's Wasted Away! The first thing I noticed was the dramatic improvements made from last year. Almost exactly one year ago I posted the first page of Wasted Away, and the differences are crazy. I mean... the cats were blocky and there didn't seem to be any real composition in the first few pages. The dialogue was clunky and... oh, I'll stop myself now. But overall I still like this story despite its flaws and it has a good message.

Down in the Dumps by Urnam-BOT


I think most of my progression drawing humans was my, um, *cough* growing interest in the opposite sex and... never mind, my body temperature has noticeably increased.

So, the next projects I will be working on are quite different from cats and dragons and aliens and- oh, wait... yeah, there'll be more aliens. And robots.

Abrupt end.

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Superveloz Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
that was a good laugh XD
Blairaptor Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist

*whispers* Urnam, you put the apostrophe in the wrong place in the word y’all - since I’m Southern I feel the need to correct people. You + All = Y’all D:

Anyway I’ve already seen some of your older art but this was still fun. I love that a lot of YT animators were/are into dragons - I think that fantasy/sci-fi element really stuck too. Also I think I had something similar to your weird cat fur going on with my mammals and even people a few years back… hair is tough to grasp right away. XD

ScoutTheCat Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"my body temperature has noticeably increased"
I don't even know why that's funny. LOL
Retniapple Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my squash, the progression here is fantastic! I'm so glad that you joined dA and not some other website (not pointing names!)
(and, interest in humans of the opposite sex? oh ho ho. looks like a certain someone is getting ideas, eh?)
But, on the more serious side, the male gender is easier to draw at many times, to me, at least. Females have a special look about their facial features and such other stuffs that are hard to draw.
And, oh mein Gott, robots, aliens and dragons? *salutes*
The main irony here is that I found you through my Warrior Cats fandom phase (thank goodness I didn't join dA back then).
Urnam-BOT Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ah, on no, I don't get "those ideas". =) I try to keep my mind clean.

I'm glad I chose to be on this site as well, and I think the big "push" was that it was so popular.

I think we have a hard time drawing females because what we are "programmed" to perceive as "young female" is having soft and proportionate features. Proportions are very important in a drawing and they can be difficult to make the same all the time.
Foxandcats Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Thanck you for Made it. And Thanck you for joined at DA
NefariousSchemes Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Student General Artist
The unnamed Green Dragon.....He has seen farther than any of us. He discovered the meaning of the title and has remained this way ever since. Anyways, much gratitude for posting this, I have been watching your art since 2011 I believe, and you inspired me to actually "do things", not a simple task might I say. Also, you introduced me to Tally Hall (Listening to The Mind Electric was like hearing myself think)......If you ever need a favor, opinion, and/or my soul, its not much, I know, but its yours. May Starclan and whatever other demons/politicians you acknowledge the existence of light your path. And here a cat to distract you from my social ineptness Cat nods (Now to abscond before someone realizes I exist)
Edit-the-Art-Cat Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh sweet baby jesus! such progress!
Anairamist Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist
Possibly the best reason I've ever read to start drawing humans
CleverFox101 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
All of your beautiful art work ;;u;; I love it all
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