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April 12, 2013
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White Light by Urnam-BOT White Light by Urnam-BOT
Long overdue fanart for the brilliant *SumikoOneeSan =D

"The White Wolf With the Blue Eyes" - found on her youtube channel: [link] [I suggest you check out ALL her work, including her gallery : D]

I chose to draw her characters, Aria and young Wolfen, inside their old den. More of a "peaceful" setting for this painting ^-^ I know Aria had more children but they are never depicted in the series.
Aria has grown to be my favorite of the characters in TW3TBE, I find her to be a strong, very well-developed and believable character. Many things I like about her. (:

If you have not seen any of Sumiko's work you are really missing out! D': [i've seen TW3TBE like 5 times x'D]

critique is welcome! >O< lol


Aria and Wolfen belong to *SumikoOneeSan
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Woah, this is just so expected from you! Amazing artwork! "D I just can't believe how much your art has changed here within the last year~
There are a few minor flaws though D" Aria's muzzle seems to grow to thin at the end, and the shadow of her head looks a bit awkward (that might just be how you wanted the rock to reflect the lighting tough so idk on that one)
But yea, those two things are the only things I see wrong. I mean, you're fur shading is just amazing, backgrounds, and just. Wow. I'm breathless at this beautiful piece of work<3
keep it up!
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Ok, here we go :)

First of all, the anatomy of the wolves overall looks very good! The hind-quarters of the mother wolf look very strong and proportionate. The tail is just right and the haunches look fantastic! The belly an chest look very accurate, but the front paws are what may need a little work :)The bent paw looks nice, but compared size-wise to the other one, they look a little dis-proportionate. After looking twice, i do realize that the other paw is slightly behind a rock X3. The paws do still look slightly off but nothing that an e fixed without practice :) The neck looks great, and the head shape is very well done! The wolf's snout is also another area that made me look twice- the position of the ears does not seem to match the snouts position slightly. It is a well done snout, but it just seems a little... Well... Side view compared to the wolf's ears and cheek fur. Eyes look fantastic and are well shaped! Very nice! The pup looks overall very nice :) the floor of the cave is just a little distracting from the wolves themselves and is at first a little confusing with the wolves pelt colors. The rocky wall looks very well done and the shading is very well done as well :)

Overall, lovely piece :) It's very beautiful.
Sorry for beginners critique~ I'm a newbie at it ;)
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9LnB Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
hey, this is great! :D
Urnam-BOT Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
oh hi! ich kenne dich :]

dankeschoen! =D
9LnB Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
wie cool! HI! :)
Inked-Owl Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
o_o That lynx in one of the episodes... when it's dead o.o disgusting
EchoCatz Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ScoutTheCat Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HOLY CRAP. ;O; I love that series! I think Sumiko's posting the next one in around June. Maybe. She said something about posting the next episode soon. owo
Dawnstorm8 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wolfen and Aria!
DizzleDeeX Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so epic! I thought you took the pic at first and I was like: HOW DID YOU GET SO CLOSE TO WHITE WOLVES?! Then I saw it was a drawing and gasped because it's soooo amazing! I love the fur!
InSaNiTyPossessed Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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