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December 9, 2012
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Aerlyn App - Zedock by Urnam-BOT Aerlyn App - Zedock by Urnam-BOT
Zedock is a name in the Victorian era, i love that name

Name: Zedock [Likes to be called Zed.]

Age: 2.5 Cat years

Gender: Male

Breed: Burmese

Items: Claw-knife, a vest/shirt, pants, a belt, and goggles that tell time!

Ship: Flyre

Authority: Time Writer

Quests Completed: None

Personality: He is rash. He usually doesn't think things through before he blurts out anything, or suddenly makes a bad move. Although, he tries to be polite anyway despite his impulsive behavior. If angry, he may do things he will regret later, and that happens quite often when around people that tend to be on the obnoxious side. Having a blade on his hand doesn't help that, either, but he has managed to control himself enough so he hasn't caused much trouble... yet. Most of the time, he will be making watches and break them in a fit of anger, and afterward feel completely stupid he did such a childish thing.

He is a bit self-centered at times, which usually gets him into trouble, being the time writer and in charge of some of the ship's supplies and all. Every once in a while he may lie or stretch the truth in order to make things go his way. He often uses those objects to create watches out of complete boredom, or just to make himself richer. That sort of greediness doesn't go far, though. He is not typically an incredibly greedy person. Sometimes he will put himself over others, no matter how polite he seems, he still has that ambition inside of him.

He is polite. His rash behavior seems to drown this trait out at times, but for the most part, he tries his hardest to be courteous and gentlemanly to others. It all boils down to how he was raised. He tries to give off a good vibration the first time he meets someone, and often tries to cover up the fact that he's quick to anger and selfish. Despite being selfish, he can make sacrifices for others. Often, he will show a rare act of kindness to someone in order to please them. This is a rare occasion, however. Most of the time it will be because he ends up with too many projects, like having those watches everywhere.

History: Zed was born in a rather large city, that was pretty advanced for its time. Of course, that was only about two and a half years ago, but even so, he's been through a lot. he was raised to give the utmost respect for others, in order to give off the wrong idea of who they really are. His family was sneaky, and often stole things for their own personal gain. Thankfully, Zed has his own view of life, and stealing is not an acceptable thing, however, he still does it occasionally. Old habits die hard. He grew up in a poor family, but his family got away with a lot, and it managed to help his family live better. His parents were cunning and tricky, and could go up to just about anyone and steal all of the cash they had on them. Unfortunately, as time went on, authorities had noticed something fishy going on with their family. His parents had jobs, but they were jobs that paid very little. Yet they still lived easily and prospered. They were eventually found to have stolen most of their possessions, and were jailed for the rest of their lives. Zed lived on his own for a while, he was one year old, and he earned his pay by working. Hard. The city was large, but he had gotten a bad reputation because of who his parents were. Since they were arrested, it was pretty big news throughout the city, and he and his siblings were looked down upon because of it.

Relationships: None

Roleplay Sample: Zed stood up from his desk and brushed himself off. It had been a long day at work, but most of the time he was just in his quarters, putting watches together. As much as he enjoyed it, it was hard work, and he decided he needed a bit of a rest for the day. He climbed up the side of the ship on a ladder and eventually made his way up to the top floor, where most of the other crew members usually were. He stepped by them, eyeing a few as he walked. He made his way into his dorm, where he would rest until the next day came about.


Template and :iconaelryn: (c) *Kiyvi
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AmyroseXDSonic Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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